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[honor] the "pioneer of agricultural heart" award of the army under the deputy general manager of agricultural university and fe
On December 1st, we pushed the voting of "da ye nongxin · pioneer", inviting you to vote for ding fangjun, technical director and general manager of agricultural university and fertilizer industry.
[nanjing consensus association] "Nobel Prize" of agricultural university and fertilizer industry -- profit sharing award of comm
[shandong agricultural science] choose good fertilizer for farmers -- new nongda liangjian ningbo phosphate compound fertilizer
Large agricultural groups with

Nongda humic acid and black songtu nonggao

Show up at the phosphate compound fertilizer exhibition
[CCTV 7] craftsmanship · conscience -- nongda humic acid promotes the public trust of national fertilizer
Ding fangjun, deputy general manager of agricultural university fertilizer industry attended

Organized by the ministry of agriculture and villages, the national fertilizer public trust campaign

And CCTV interview!

[exhibition] nongda humic acid "bright sword" ningbo phosphate compound fertilizer exhibition
From jiangsu xuzhou agricultural materials wholesalers li-min wei before although fairs for many times, but under the exhibition hall of nongda tang, he is still in the foot, to his staff: "nongda this year's exhibition hall do very atmosphere, I am attracted to the gallery image, this time is looking for cooperation manufacturer, especially promising nongda this year, want to go deeper into the next."
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