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Since its establishment, the agricultural fertilizer industry has gone through 20 years of ups and downs. These two decades, the agricultural fertilizer industry as the green fruits continue to mature, like a cocoon and out of the butterfly dance. Up to now, at least 10,000 stores are selling agricultural fertilizer products every day, at least more than 20 million people use agricultural fertilizer every year, the company has accumulated humic acid care of 32 million mu of land in China, is the trust of customers, strict requirements and encouragement, encourage us to move forward couragously, support us to make continuous progress!



These twenty years, nongda tang all staff together in a spirit of "integrity, achievement, innovation", together with trade changed the continuation of the one hundred Chinese farmers fertilize habits, in order to realize "let more farmers, better use of fertilizer" this mission, continued ascension humic acid activation technology, improving soil, to keep the land for the farmers to create wealth, we are proud for it!



Twenty years old, we are young! Nongda tang will continue adhering to the "science and technology, good faith" the management idea, summarizing and refining requirements of tens of millions of farmers, continue to explore and apply the most advanced technology to product innovation, to create with blue film controlled release fertilizer and activation of humic acid fertilizer based high technology product line, adhering to the high technology products and one-stop background support, to provide you with efficient, stable and reliable sales platform!



Twenty years old, we are young! Agricultural university fertilizer industry will continue to adhere to the construction of one-stop service platform. Customers are our good teachers and good friends. Every demand feedback from customers drives the improvement of our products and services. Every criticism and encouragement from our customers helps us improve the quality of our products and services. Agricultural university fertilizer industry will continue to build and improve one-stop service platform, and rely on this, to provide customers with more efficient, convenient and comprehensive support, and create new value with you!



Twenty years old, we are young! Nongda tang will continue adhering to the "science and technology, good faith" the management idea, moment to listen to the voice of the customer, not only provide customers with high quality products, are more likely to nongda tang with partners across the country more than 10000 stores, including product sales, agrochemical service for all farmers, soil testing formula, agricultural materials sales, consulting and other all-round, high-quality services. On the way to achieve the dream, nda is willing to go forward hand in hand with all employees and customers!



Twenty years, perhaps in the long river of years is only a very short moment. But these 20 years, to farming big fat course of study, it is to have too much however move, share, trust happy memory 20 years!




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