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Guinness|Guinness Challenge enters Tangshan to help ginger with high quality and high yield

On September 24, the 2021 "Agricultural University Humic Acid Cup" China's high-quality agricultural products challenged the World Guinness Ginger Division Competition kicked off in Fengrun District, Tangshan. The event was sponsored by Shandong TV Station and co-organized by the National Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, China Humic Acid Industry Association, Shandong Agricultural University, and Shandong Agricultural University Group. Full of enthusiasm, determined to win the grand prize.

Guinness | Rudong Rice Guinness Challenge a complete success

On October 17th, the 2021 "Nongda Humic Acid Cup" China's high-quality agricultural products, challenging the world's Guinness event came to Rudong, Jiangsu. This event was organized by the Key Laboratory of Humic Acid Fertilizers of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the National Engineering Laboratory for Efficient Utilization of Soil and Fertilizer Resources.

Guinness | Guinness Challenge enters Yantai to help apples with high quality and high yield

Rows of fruit trees stand upright in the wind, and their branches are covered with fruit. Right now, an apple orchard in Fengyi Town, Longkou City is full of life. On October 25th, the 2021 "Nongda Humic Acid Cup" China's high-quality agricultural products, challenging the world Guinness event came to Longkou City, Yantai, Shandong again.

Exhibition|Agricultural University debuted in phosphorus compound fertilizer and became the focus

From October 29th to 31st, the 22nd National Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Production and Marketing Fair was held in Nanchang. Well-known chemical fertilizer companies from all over the country gathered to participate in the exhibition and competed in the annual fertilizer event.

The company held a farewell ceremony for the personnel who went to the Luohe project

On October 5th, the farewell ceremony for the staff of Nongda Fertilizer Industry to Luohe project was held in the conference room of the company's scientific research building, which marked that the company's Luohe project had entered a substantive stage.

Based on academics, empowered by innovation - the first academic exchange meeting of Nongda Fertilizer Industry was successfully held

In order to strengthen the academic exchanges among the company members and promote the active innovation of the company's products, on August 7, 2021, Shandong Agricultural University Fertilizer Industry organized the first internal academic exchange meeting.

"Focus on strategy, integration and win-win" - the 2022 market launch meeting in East China was a complete success

For agricultural workers, 2021 is an extraordinary year; for the East China Theater of Agriculture and Fertilizer Industry, it is a year full of harvests. On November 6th, 33 soldiers from the East China Theater returned with honors, gathered at the headquarters, returned to study, empowered and improved, and started their journey again!

Announcement of trial production of 6000 tons/year intelligent filling workshop project

The amount of domestic sewage produced is 240m3/a, and the main pollutants are COD, NH3-N, etc. After the domestic sewage is pretreated by the septic tank, the sewage quality reaches the "Water Quality Standard for Sewage Discharged into Urban Sewers" (GB/T31962-2015) Table 1 The A-level standard requirements and the influent water quality requirements of Feicheng Kanglong Drainage Co., Ltd.
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