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Company Culture

Company Culture

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1. Vision (refers to the company's long-term aspirations and future status, and is a description of the company's development blueprint)

Become a service provider of expert crop planting overall solutions and a supplier of first-class products

Taking the combination of production, education and research as the sustainable development model, the products have unique characteristics and are in the leading position in the industry, the product structure and profitability are industry-leading, winning by strength, the overall scale has entered the first group of fertilizer sales, and is absolutely in the humic acid fertilizer industry. Leading brand status and becoming a first-class provider of overall solutions and services for crop planting with soil care, balanced nutrition, and harmonious soil and fertilizer.


2. Mission (referring to the roles and responsibilities that the company should play in social progress and social and economic development)

Taking crops as the core, let more growers use better fertilizers, obtain greater benefits, and contribute to soil fertility improvement, soil and fertilizer harmony and ecological agriculture

1. Growers: Concentric with the growers, with crops as the core, to provide more growers with better humic acid fertilizer and agricultural services, so that growers have a higher awareness of humic acid, more scientific planting, Higher yield and better quality of crops, maximizing economic benefits;

2. Distributors: work together with partners to create a community of business interests, transform together, and continue to provide better humic acid and better services; the operation of distributors is simple, convenient, safe and reliable, not only decent but also sustainable;

3. Employee: Communicate with employees, focus on strugglers, provide a development platform for employees who have ideals and ambitions, love agriculture, and employees who are responsible, customer-oriented, and result-oriented, and develop together;

4. Shareholders: reassure shareholders and maximize the preservation and appreciation of assets;

5. Society: Connecting with society, while developing and expanding enterprises and providing jobs, it will make due contributions to the development of local economy and the protection of regional environment; Agricultural University's "humic acid +" series products, care for soil, balance nutrition, soil and fertilizer Harmony will help the fertilizer industry upgrade and lead the fertilization revolution in China, which is beneficial to the country, the people, and ecological agriculture.


3. Core values ​​(referring to the common value orientation of the company and its employees)

Customer First, Results Oriented, Collaborative Innovation

1. Customer first: Focus on customers and divide customer awareness into five levels (ignoring customer needs, passively responding to customer needs, passively meeting customer needs, preemptive meeting customer needs, and forward-looking meeting customer needs). In the work, abandon the first and second level, all employees must reach the third level, strive to achieve the fourth and fifth level, and provide customers with better service.

2. Result-oriented: Take the company's long-term interests and maximization of interests as the result, and start with the end, not only focusing on the target results, but also emphasizing the process of achieving the target results. When a goal is achieved, a new higher goal is proposed, and the team always maintains a positive state. Emphasizes responsibility orientation, and divides responsibility into five levels (passive non-execution, passive execution, active execution, execution under difficult pressure, and willingness to take risks). At work, the first and second grades are discarded. All employees must reach the third grade, middle managers must reach the fourth grade, and directors and above managers must reach the fifth grade.

3. Collaborative innovation: take sales as the leader and all staff support marketing. At work, give full play to technical advantages and characteristics, and support marketing with technological innovation and product upgrades; the whole company emphasizes collaboration and breaks down department walls.


4. Enterprise spirit (refers to the common inner attitude, ideological realm and ideal pursuit of employees)

Nongda Fertilizer Industry is good product + good service

With the support of technology, the company develops and produces high-quality products that meet market demand, and uses scientific planting knowledge and timely and efficient agrochemical services to ensure that farmers can use good fertilizers and the right ones. The appearance, quality, time-to-market and yield of the products allow growers to obtain greater benefits.


5. Business philosophy (referring to the basic viewpoints and methods followed by the company and its employees in business operations)

Everything for the crops/growers


6. Four Red Lines: Honesty, No Confidentiality, No Part-time Jobs, and No Corruption

1. Integrity: Integrity is the bottom line of a person, and telling the truth is the real "cultivation". It is easy to make a fake once, but the hard part is that you need to cover up the previous one with a new one, and eventually more and more fakes will be made; there is no “market” for flattery and smugness. The integrity of working hard and being able to prove it is the greatest integrity to the company and to yourself.

2. Do not leak secrets: When secrets are leaked, the soul is also betrayed.

3. No part-time job: If you are engaged in a second job, please work harder, because it will soon become your job.

4. No corruption: In the era of big data, any use of power for personal gain and corruption will leave traces.


7. Eight Principles of Communication

Customer-oriented principle, result-oriented principle, communication time 622 principle, hierarchical reporting principle, communication subject requirements, economic loss risk control principle, honesty and openness principle, teamwork principle.

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