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Company Profile

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Shandong Agricultural Fertilizer Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Agricultural Fertilizer Technology Co., Ltd is one specialized is engaged in the humic acid fertilizer, slow release fertilizer, bio-fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer and soil conditioner and new functional fertilizer technology research and development, production and sales and planting technology services of national high and new technology enterprise, the humic acid compound fertilizer industry standard drafting unit, China humic acid fertilizer industry innovation strategy alliance launched units.

Agricultural university fertilizer company was founded in 1995, originated from shandong agricultural university fertilizer factory, is a school-run fertilizer enterprises. Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, the company has always adhered to the spirit of strengthening agriculture as the foundation of agricultural university and focusing on farmers. Based on agriculture, the company has focused on the innovation, research, development and popularization of high-quality fertilizer products for crops and soil. At present, the company's annual production capacity of 2.6 million tons, more than 1300 employees, has set up three production bases in shandong, jilin, began the national layout, marketing network throughout the country and South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the United States and other countries and regions.

Always taking technical innovation as the development of core competitiveness, establishing national enterprise technology center, the ministry of agriculture key laboratory of humic acid fertilizer, soil resources utilization national engineering laboratory, national post-doctoral scientific research workstation, humic acid utilization in shandong province engineering technology research center, shandong province academician workstation, soil improvement and plant nutrition engineering laboratory of shandong province, shandong province enterprise technology center and other high-end innovation platform, take the national 11th five year plan, five-year, much starker choices-and graver consequences-in key research and development, transformation of national agricultural achievements, the independent innovation of shandong province special such as more than 50 provincial scientific research task, It has been responsible for the formulation of 2 national standards, 6 industrial standards and 20 local standards, more than 90 authorized patents, more than 10 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, and the trademark of "nongda" has been recognized as a well-known trademark in China

In the 20th anniversary of the founding, the company put forward "a good product + good service + 1 1 financial support" development strategy, through innovative research and development provide farmers with good fertilizer, experts agrochemical technical services for farmers to provide training, joint financial to provide financial support to farmers, agricultural fertility, soil fertile, increasing farmers' income to become strong partners and contributors.

At present, in order to adapt to the national policy and industrial development, agricultural university and fertilizer industry has put forward the strategic direction of "consolidating the existing market and transforming to the economic and agricultural zone".

The future, nongda tang will not forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind the "let more farmers gain more benefit" of the enterprise mission, for the nursing soil, balanced nutrition and better techniques namely, harmonious, and better production humic acid compound fertilizer, not only committed to innovation and the promotion of advanced products and technical services to grow and to help farmers increase crop yield and quality, achieve more revenue; We are committed to working with farmers to improve the nutritional harmony of crops, soil and water, and contribute innovative forces to China's agricultural modernization, rural development and farmers' prosperity.

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