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Technological innovation, the national key humic acid fertilizer laboratory settled in the agricultural fertilizer industry

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Under the current national trend of cultivating "new drivers" and developing "new economy", shandong province is carrying out the "transformation project of old drivers into new drivers" comprehensively, from the strategic planning stage to the construction and implementation stage.

Shandong agricultural university tang technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "nongda tang") as a leading brand, humic acid fertilizer in China move actively respond to a nation "shifts to" new requirements, continuously improve the scientific and technological innovation ability, promote innovation in the new technology, new forms, with brand strength and grasp the market changes in the new orientation of technological innovation, new opportunities, to speed up the pace of old and new kinetic energy conversion, to realize the fertilizer enterprise transformation and upgrading.



At the beginning of 2018, "key laboratory of humic acid fertilizer of ministry of agriculture" was officially settled in agricultural university fertilizer industry. At the same time, the "production technology of active humic acid fertilizer" of agricultural university fertilizer industry won the national "excellent patent award of China", realizing the "red start of the year" of enterprise production reform and technological innovation.



As the earliest school-run enterprise in China, agricultural university and fertilizer industry relies on the advanced technology of shandong agricultural university and constantly regards technological research and development and scientific and technological innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprise development. After more than 20 years of development, the agricultural fertilizer industry has developed into a large fertilizer enterprise integrating production, research and development, teaching and scientific research.



The successful establishment of "national key humic acid fertilizer laboratory" highlights the technological innovation of agricultural and large fertilizer industry, helps improve brand efficiency and brings new vitality to enterprise development. Ma xuewen, chairman of the board of agriculture university of China, said that the university of agriculture and China's fertilizer industry will continue to integrate scientific and technological innovation and take the lead in the transformation of old and new drivers.



As is known to all, humic acid fertilizers have five functions of "improving soil, enhancing efficiency, promoting growth, enhancing resistance and improving quality", and their nutrient utilization rate is high. Nongda tang in order to realize the "efficiency" as the goal, by means of improve fertilizer efficiency, keep in mind that "better more farmers to use fertilizer" of the enterprise mission, releasing resources saving, green and high efficiency new type of fertilizer products, comprehensive promotion measured soil fertilizer, cucumber and other precise fertilization technology, and the national agricultural technology center constantly cooperation to carry out the experiment and demonstration, fertilizer, agricultural production, increase farmers' income, boost agriculture, green development.



For more than 20 years, in accordance with the requirements of national energy conservation and emission reduction, agricultural and large fertilizer industry has irregularly upgraded equipment, improved production links, improved technology, reduced material consumption, refined operation, and striven to achieve energy conservation, emission reduction, cost reduction and efficiency increase. In addition, the agricultural university and fertilizer industry has increased funds to hold large-scale public welfare activities, such as "grain king competition" and "China's high-quality agricultural products challenge guinness world records", so as to improve the concept of green planting of farmers, promote advanced planting technology, stimulate farmers' enthusiasm for planting and make them rich.



In addition, in order to better serve the rural construction at the grass-roots level, the agricultural university fertilizer industry has also cultivated and created a number of professional agrochemical service teams, deeply promoted the concept of scientific farming at the grass-roots level, and brought the most advanced planting technology to the grass-roots level, serving farmers at the grass-roots level, and facilitating the development of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers".

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