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Shandong agricultural fertilizer industry: technology to the countryside to help production of scientific fertilization to promo

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On June 12, 2018, the "science and technology to help farmers" team of shandong agricultural university fertilizer industry went deep into zhuliu village, pinglidian town, laizhou city, to solve planting problems and provide technical services for villagers. This activity focuses on ginger and explains the control measures of "root knot nematodes" in detail.



Laizhou is a famous town of big ginger, where the planting of big ginger is maintained at 100,000 mu. Yu jian, director of the soil ecology research institute of the key humic acid fertilizer laboratory of the ministry of agriculture, first inspected the planting status of local ginger. He pointed out: "ginger is a root crop with high input and high yield. Ginger, in particular, has a long growth cycle. From early may to November, there are many management measures, high technical requirements and large labor input. In the process of planting, it is necessary not only to choose the right fertilizer but also to master fertilization techniques, and to prevent diseases and insect pests as soon as possible. The use of pesticides to control rhizome knot nematode is not only not obvious and the quality of ginger is not good, but also may cause certain damage and pollution to the soil, but not worth the loss, so to ensure the healthy growth of ginger, it is necessary to use the correct way to control pests and diseases.



Liu lu, a senior agricultural technician at the engineering and technical research center for the efficient utilization of humic acid in shandong province, said: "the root knot nematode disease was most likely to occur in ginger in June. Traditional pesticides can temporarily kill nematode worms, but cannot fundamentally kill the virus. And through scientific research, shandong agricultural university tang will apply to the principle of bacteria for bacteria to develop the "line of wiener treasure", the fusion solution starch bacillus, bacillus licheniformis, bacillus huge high efficiency features of probiotic group, fast symbiosis with plant roots, form the advantage bacterium group, form a protective barrier around the crop root, restrain the growth of the pathogen, reproduction, adjust soil ecological environment, maximum limit to reduce the happening of the disease, soil in effectively kill root knot nematodes suppression on the basis of the second instar larvae of the eggs hatch. To achieve the insecticidal effect in a pollution-free, more efficient, environmentally friendly and scientific way.



As early as around 2003, laizhou ginger cultivation in the pursuit of yield, with fertilizer, drugs are at the peak. Soil and ginger quality were also affected, leading to lower crop prices and damage to farmers. Zhang chengyin, director of north China region of agricultural university and fertilizer industry, said: "through the service of science and technology to the countryside, farmers have changed their minds and started to pursue quality. We also hope that in the future more scientific products will be used to grow crops and promote the development of agricultural ecology.

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