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Good watermelon does not look at a head, "melon king" is secret book of title unexpectedly it?

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Want the king of melons? Come on if you have something!

Won the title of "GuaWang", really is not easy, and China agricultural materials, the reporter understands, in recent days by the shandong agricultural university tang technology co., LTD., to undertake 2018 "nongda humic acid cup" the world great watermelon, challenges guinness, surabaya division guinness challenge competition, is neither a maximum weight, also is not the highest sugar, nor look best watermelon has won the title of "GuaWang", this is how to return a responsibility?

Zhang chengyin, head of the competition and sales director of north China region of shandong nongda fertilizer technology co., LTD., said the country has put forward the strategy of rural revitalization. Rural revitalization, industrial prosperity is the key. We must uphold the principle of quality and green development and focus on the supply-side structural reform of agriculture. In the process of optimizing the agricultural industrial system, production system and management system, and improving the land output rate, resource utilization rate and labor productivity, we will make every effort to promote the transformation of agricultural and rural development from an over-reliance on resource consumption and meeting the demand mainly for quantity to the pursuit of green, ecological and sustainable development and greater emphasis on meeting the demand for quality. Centering on the major policies and policies of national agricultural development, agricultural university fertilizer industry actively follows the concept of sustainable and green development. On the one hand, it strives to produce inputs more suitable for agricultural needs; on the other hand, it cultivates farmers to apply fertilizer scientifically and follow the development path of quality production. In recent years, nongda humic acid cup series of activities have been held by nongda fertilizer industry to better spread national policies and policies to farmers according to different regions and crops, and guide farmers on the road of scientific planting and green development.

It is understood that the competition for the king of melons in surabaya has been widely participated by local farmers. The reporter saw on the scene that when people learned of the competition, they all rushed to compete with their own melons. According to incomplete statistics, more than 100 farmers participated in the competition. Lu caiying, secretary of the party committee of yangliu town, sishui county, told reporters that yangliu is known as the hometown of watermelons with a planting area of more than 20,000 mu. The water of willow is good, soil is good, the watermelon that grows is big, crisp sweet, local common people relies on growing watermelon, obtained very good profit. The competition venue is located in yangliu, people are very welcome to yangliu watermelon is a good publicity.

Through the fierce preliminary selection, from more than 100 households in the selection of 20 finalists. Who will get the crown? The selection was very lively. After the expert judges scored and evaluated the weight, appearance, sweetness, taste and other aspects on the spot, 16 won the prize of excellence, and 3 won the prize of highest sugar degree, maximum weight and best appearance respectively. After comprehensive evaluation, liu yunwei won the title of 2018 surabaya watermelon guinness challenge in dongliren village, yangliu town, sishui county.

"I really didn't expect to win the championship," liu told reporters. Liu yunwei surprise victory, depends on the comprehensive strength. At the selection site, liu yunwei's watermelon was not the single winner in terms of size or sweetness, but his overall score was the highest, which made him overjoyed. Through the reporter thorough understanding, liu yunwei grows watermelon nearly 20 years, grow now have more than 20 mu melon ground, average mu mu produces reach 10 thousand jin, exceed average mu production two or three thousand jin tall. In the past five years, liu yunwei has applied agricultural humic acid fertilizer to improve the yield of watermelon, especially the quality and soil improvement. Watermelon grows well, leaves are thick, roots are developed, tastes good, and the soil is not firm. He said, this time can win the championship, agricultural fertilizer should be the first.

Tang kehu, surabaya's general agent for ntu, is confident in promoting ntu's humic acid fertilizer, saying, "my original intention of acting as ntu's fertilizer agent is to spread good fertilizer and technology to the general public so that the people can have a good harvest. Through field experiments and feedback from people using humic acid fertilizer, I feel that the agricultural humic acid fertilizer is not bad, not only improve the quality and efficiency, but also can improve the soil, I have done a good cause!

In recent years, shandong agricultural university fertilizer industry has gone deep into the grass-roots level and organized a series of down-to-earth terminal technology promotion activities, bringing good news to the people. This kind of public welfare activity, establish local produce brand more, solved farmer to sell predicament to produce the effect. In the reporter interviews the spot to attend a meeting farmer, everybody expresses in succession, hope such activity is held more had better!

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