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[honor] the "pioneer of agricultural heart" award of the army under the deputy general manager of agricultural university and fe

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On December 1st, we pushed the voting of "da ye nongxin · pioneer", inviting you to vote for ding fangjun, technical director and general manager of agricultural university and fertilizer industry.

Thank you for your vote and forward more than 10 days, thank you for your recognition of nongda tang, on December 12, hainan boao, by the China agricultural film and television center, xinhua three agriculture channel, Chinese society of well-off construction of the new farmer development committee jointly organized, thinking about the international culture media (Beijing) co., LTD., to undertake the development peak BBS "China new farmers and cause the agriculture heart · pioneer" recognition, Ding Fangjun laurels success.


Since October this year, the organizers have conducted in-depth interviews with more than 1,000 new farmers in ten agriculture-related fields from all over the country. After initial evaluation, re-evaluation and final evaluation, 40 pioneers have been selected from the 100 finalists. At the meeting, the agricultural university of China (nfu) was selected as the "regional agricultural promotion partner" by cctv7 and xinhuanet.com, which coincides with the strategy of "focusing on crops and deepening and penetrating" at the nanjing consensus meeting of nfu.



2019, nongda tang will continue to stick to humic acid, firmly establish a leading brand status of humic acid fertilizer in China, not only for different regions, different crops provide activity humic acid, coated controlled release fertilizer, bio-fertilizer, soil conditioner and so on four big high technology products and solutions, more must unswervingly do demonstration view spread distribution, the "went to college fertilizer" give full play to the advantages of it.



Ding fangjun said: "agricultural university fertilizer industry won this honor, will continue to play a leading role, do not forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission, research and development and production of more efficient" humic acid + "series of fertilizers, activate rural revitalization cells, promote rural development, help green agriculture, industry prosperity of new drivers.

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