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[exhibition] nongda humic acid "bright sword" ningbo phosphate compound fertilizer exhibition

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From jiangsu xuzhou agricultural materials wholesalers li-min wei before although fairs for many times, but under the exhibition hall of nongda tang, he is still in the foot, to his staff: "nongda this year's exhibition hall do very atmosphere, I am attracted to the gallery image, this time is looking for cooperation manufacturer, especially promising nongda this year, want to go deeper into the next."

On November 9, nongda humic acid appeared in ningbo China phosphate compound fertilizer industry exhibition for three days. This day thousands of visitors like wei limin with the same purpose, came to the exhibition site. At the same time, more than 200 manufacturers from all over the country have been waiting for the exhibition, ningbo international convention and exhibition center for a time people shouldering shoulder to shoulder, wonderful and extraordinary, it is a hundred times more lively than the fair.

As a leading brand of humic acid fertilizer in China, nda has been adhering to the business philosophy of "enabling more farmers to use better fertilizer" for many years, and has been widely concerned by people inside and outside the industry. This time, many exhibitors also came to see the leadership of the brand style. He hongjun from nanchang said with a thumb: "before in the central seven saw the advertising of the agricultural fertilizer industry, today finally to see the true, agricultural fertilizer industry, severe ah!"

National supply-side reform and adjustment, in the context of zero growth target, the new fertilizer is the most eye-catching. In this exhibition, the agricultural university fertilizer industry showed the "humic acid +" new fertilizers, such as slow-release and controlled-release fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers and flushing fertilizers, which attracted wide attention from visitors. Many famous media compete to visit and become the focus of the exhibition.

Zhang chengyin, director of north China region of agricultural university and fertilizer industry, said in an interview: "agricultural university and fertilizer industry has been committed to soil repair, soil and fertilizer harmony research, production of efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving fertilizer to meet market demand, in the future we will continue to work hard in the national green and sustainable development requirements on the basis of the development of agriculture, rural areas and bricks.

The exhibition not only popularized the concept of green agriculture for the whole society again, but also showed the leading technology and products of agricultural university and fertilizer industry, and presented a beautiful picture of green agriculture for the society.

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